Mushroom House


The wooden mushroom house is a set of colorful building blocks that all slot inside the main mushroom building like a jigsaw puzzle. These lovely colorful blocks are smooth and warm to touch and have gentle flowing lines that children can use with small dolls and people for small world play. It also makes a great stacking toy or barn for toy farm and can be combined with all sorts of other blocks, dolls houses and figures. This magical mushroom house would be perfect for a natural, woodland themed play rotation. Colorful, Creative and Imaginative!

Products use only tested, certified paints which are mainly water-based. These are ecological and completely safe for the health of the children. For this reason, no environmentally harmful emissions can enter the atmosphere in our manufacturer production.


  • Measure 19 x 20 x 6cm
  • Weight 0.76kg
  • Free construction methods in all possible, allow children and parents to become individual builders.
  • Made from solid wood and finished in water based color stain which retains the natural features of the wood.
  • FSC certified European Linden wood.