Weston Storage Box (Small)


Tackle the chaos with the small Weston Storage Box ideal for any children’s room, bathroom or worktable. It's incredibly versatile and acts as the perfect storage and organizer. Lightweight and super long lasting. Mixed and match the colors to your liking! 

  • Material 60% recycled polypropylene, 40% new polypropylene
  • Stackable and foldable
  • Cutout handles
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Lightweight
  • Delivered flat
  • 2 in a pack

Dimensions - Height : 9.5 cm, Width : 18 cm Length, : 25 cm, Volume: 5 l

Partly recycled materials

The Weston boxes are made with 60% recycled plastic, most of which comes from the cosmetics industry. That means less waste of used materials and less production of new plastic from scratch.